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By June 24, 2024No Comments

Our research on the environmental literacy of young people brought interesting results!

Girls are more environmentally literate than boys, scoring higher on all four components of environmental literacy (environmental knowledge, affect, cognitive skills, and behavior).

Although there were no significant differences between urban and rural students on the overall environmental literacy score, urban students had slightly better results on knowledge and cognitive skills, while rural students showed a slightly higher affinity towards nature and a greater willingness to take action.

At the regional level, students from Vojvodina excelled in cognitive skills compared to students from Belgrade, Šumadija and Western Serbia. On the other hand, students from Southern and Eastern Serbia show more concern for the environment, when compared to students from Belgrade.

We obtained these results using the internationally recognized MSELS survey in the first part of our research. Different aspects of environmental literacy of seventh grade elementary school students in Serbia were examined. These results have already been published as a conference paper, which you can read here: