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See what the day dedicated to planting fruit trees looked like in the elementary school that achieved the most points in the first phase of research within the ELIPS project.

The students of this school, their teacher Mladen, professor Dr. Tomas Marcinkowski from the USA and members of the ELIPS project team, Milica Marušić Jablanović, Sanja Blagdanić, Vera Županec, Dragana Đorđević, Jelena Stanišić, Zorica Veinović, Dragana Gundogan and Slađana Savić, together selected and planted 15 fruit seedlings in the yard of this primary school.

Another 60 seedlings were planted in the yard of the surrounding agricultural school, with which this elementary school closely cooperates.

Students of the current eighth grade of this school participated with 46 other schools in Serbia in our research that measured the level of environmental literacy and achieved the best results. We were glad to meet and hang out with children who value nature so much.

Later that day, we visited Novi Sad and the nearby stud farm.

During the rebalancing of the budget of the ELIPS project, and in agreement with the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia, instead of a new projector, we used the funds for 75 tree seedlings.

Sunday, March 24, 2024.

Photo: Slađana Savić