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Members of the ELIPS project had the honor and pleasure of hosting Prof. Dr. Thomas Marcinkowski, professor and program manager of education in the field of natural sciences, technology, and mathematics at the Florida Institute of Technology (USA). During his stay in Belgrade, Professor Marcinkowski held a guest lecture at the Faculty of Teacher Education of the University of Belgrade on the topic “What is environmental literacy, what it looks like, and why it matters for Youth and Teacher Education – Experience from the USA”.

The lecture was announced by Prof. Dr. Sanja Blagdanić, full professor at the Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Belgrade. The opening speech was given by Dr. Milica Marušić Jablanović, senior research associate of the Institute for Pedagogical Research and head of the ELIPS project, who shared the latest research results within the ELIPS project with the attendees.

During the lecture, a comparative presentation of various quantitative and qualitative research in the field of environmental education was given, with an emphasis on the frameworks that led to the development of a questionnaire that measures the level of environmental literacy. A questionnaire that measures the level of environmental literacy, co-authored by Professor Marcinkowski, was used in research within the ELIPS project.

The lecture was attended by students, future teachers, teachers, pedagogues, and psychologists. This was an opportunity for Professor Marcinkowski to share with the students his many years of experience in the field of environmental education and environmental literacy. The lecture stimulated a discussion about the importance and role of teachers in the development of environmental literacy of students in our schools.

We would like to thank Professor Marcinkowski and everyone who attended this event!

Photo: Slađana Savić