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Members of the ELIPS project, Milica Marušić Jablanović, Ph.D., and Dragana Đorđević, Ph.D., were guests on October 15, 2023, in the Ekološki magazin show at the Radio Beograd 2, hosted by Aleksandra Vukićević, and presented the project.

Marušić Jablanović pointed out that ecological identity is formed thanks to certain role models, and that role models for pro-environmental behavior should exist at all levels of education. In this sense, it is necessary for teachers to show through their own actions how the environment can be protected. Also, university professors cannot teach environmental protection and participate in projects that damage the environment.

Đorđević shared an experience from an elementary school when students asked her what they could do to improve air and water quality.

In the first part of the research of the ELIPS project, the level of environmental literacy of children was examined using an anonymous questionnaire. Further research will be conducted with selected classes to determine key factors for the development of activism and love of nature.

The conversation about the ELIPS project starts around the 19th minute, but we recommend that you listen to the entire show „Čekajući vetar: Ekološki magazin“ at the following link:

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