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A positive attitude towards nature is also important for ecological identity, not only academic knowledge.

Dr. Milica Marušić Jablanović, a PI of the ELIPS project, shared with the viewers of Dnevnik RTS the first results of the environmental literacy level of elementary school students in Serbia.

Marušić Jablanović pointed out that the education system should foster a positive attitude of students towards nature, through activities outside the classroom, such as planting, cleaning rivers and going to the forest.

It is very important to look at one very simple fact, that without a willingness to change behavior, and without a positive affective attitude towards nature, no amount of academic knowledge, which is especially insisted  at school, can explain our specific behaviors. This is what the research results say.

The institutions that participate in the ELIPS project:

  • Institute for Educational Research in Belgrade
  • Faculty of Education, University of Belgrade
  • Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade
  • Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad
  • Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade

Video: RTS, 24. 8. 2023.

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