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During May and June 2023, the collection of data on the level of environmental literacy of students in Serbia was carried out, as foreseen in the special work package of the project.

Members of the ELIPS team collected data in 45 urban and rural schools, with over 850 seventh-grade students from the teritory of Serbia.

In this part of the research, an international questionnaire was used to measure the level of environmental literacy, that is, the level of environmental knowledge of students, their attitudes on the environment and the way they recognize and analyze environmental problems.

It is important to note that this questionnaire was applied for the first time in Serbia and enables comparison of our results with other countries. The data that we will get  represent the first step in understanding the identity of an environmentally literate student and his school environment.

We are looking forward to the analysis of the data we have obtained and the continuation of the qualitative part of the research.

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